Welcome to OPSEU Local 720 – we are part of the most effective union in Ontario for public sector and broader public sector workers.

Like any living organization, OPSEU has its own history, structure, vocabulary, and way of doing things. Like any effective organization, OPSEU also changes in response  to changing times, changing technology, and changing workplaces.

Throughout OPSEU’s 100-year history, two things have remained constant:

  • our desire to make our union stronger so, together, we can achieve more for you and your community
  • our desire to shape our own destiny democratically

In OPSEU, you have the backing of a team of professional staff with expertise in many specialties. They have solid technical knowledge and the creativity required to bring innovative thinking to the challenges that face us.

Our history has proven that when we work together, we achieve great things. We do this in the workplace for our members, in our communities for the people we serve, and in the larger world, where the struggle for social justice is ongoing. With OPSEU, you are in the driver’s seat – you and the other members of our 165,000-strong family.

We want you to be able to get involved in OPSEU, doing things that reflect your interests and priorities.

We may be a large organization, but it’s the experience and imagination of individuals that produce the best results for everyone we represent.

In solidarity,

OPSEU 720 Local Executive Committee

(adapted from President Smokey Thomas’ welcome message on the OPSEU website)

OPSEU 2019 Census

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